Custom-made Glass Table Top

          Glass Table Tops NYC specializes in custom-made table tops and protective covers. We are ready to provide you with the glass of custom size and shape.
There are several benefits to a glass table top including protection and elegant look. Glass table tops can protect your furniture from scratches and possible damage.
A huge variety of types of glass, thickness, edge finish and shape will give you a possibility to choose the most appropriate variant for you. The glass we have is high-quality Canadian glass. You can choose from clear (regular) glass, starphire (ultra clear) glass - if you have a light color table, tinted, frosted or colored glass. We are offering ¼” or ⅜” thick glass as a protective covering for your table which is tempered and flat polished for safety reasons. If you are not sure with the sizes of your table or you do not know the thickness of glass which you need - feel free to contact us and our specialist will stop by your site to check the measurements.
Glass table tops never go out of style. It's a timeless design, perfectly suited for use as a dining table, coffee table or side table.

Just contact us and we’ll assist you in choosing your custom cut glass table top


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