Nowadays there are plenty of options for table and table tops as well. A glass table accentuates the surrounding decor shine and makes the carpeting, tile, or hardwood floor pop. Very often homeowners want to protect their tables from damages and are using glass table tops.
At Glass Table Tops NYC we are offering custom cut glass table tops. There are no reasons to worry that the glass won’t fit, as it is custom made to order. Using professional cutting machines, we can provide you with the glass of any shape and edge finish.
For Glass Table Tops we highly recommend to go with tempered (safety) glass. This type of glass is stronger than traditional glass. In the event of breaking, tempered glass crumbles into dull cubes instead of sharp, jagged pieces.
Glass Table Top
Glass table tops can be sparkling or smoky, beveled or seamed, round, or rectangular. Usually, we offer to choose flat polished smooth edges instead of sharp.
If your table is an old piece of driftwood with exquisite colors then you might consider using a low iron content “extra clear” piece of ¼” thick tempered glass, basically, this glass is completely clear and does not have the green tinge that standard glass has.
Glass table top protectors are usually placed straight onto the table or desk but you can also use “bump ons” these are small clear rubber domes with adhesive on one side that stop the glass sliding around.

If you have any questions on the glass for tables or anything to do with glass, get in touch by calling or emailing us!

If you are still thinking if Glass Backsplash is a suitable variant for you - read the benefits of it and make your kitchen attractive and eye-catching!

Easy to clean
Being very sleek and flat, glass backsplash will be easy to clean. Commonly, you only need to wipe the stain or spill, and it will be clean soon.

Limitless color matching
There are many choices for colors for glass backsplashes on market now. You can make sure that yours will be matching to kitchen design, theme, and style. This is a nice thing to have. No matter what your color choice, the glass will stay clear and bright.

If you are afraid that your backsplash can break during the durable heat effect - that no worries. The backsplash which we are offering is made of tempered glass which is 5-7 times stronger than the annealed. If you cook for hours and your glass backsplashes are exposed to heat for the entire time, it will be just fine. It will not change the shape or colors. In addition to it, it keeps you farther from repair and maintenance

It is quite strong and resistant to scratch. So, if you want to have a backsplash that can last for a long time, you should really use glass backsplash. Glass backsplash will make your room prettier and stronger at the same time.

If you still have some questions - just contact us and we’ll help you with your project!

GlassTable Trends for 2018, custom glass, dining table, custom glass table top, tempered glass,

                                                 GlassTable Trends for 2018

Today we are going to talk about modern dining tables because it is getting harder to gather family or friends together for a meal at home.

But if you want to know how to create a dining room welcoming family invites you to continue reading our tips on modern dining furniture and ideas to make the best choice.
While comfort and space are important since no one wants an elbow in the ribs whenever their neighbor picks up their cutlery is also important design. If it is a dining room open to the living room or to the kitchen you should also think about how your new modern dining furniture will fit in and as they fit the scheme color and the style of its home decor.

By 2018 the design of the dining room is mainly inspired by the pursuit of comfort for all. We will see eclectic spaces where you can harmoniously join your favorite styles. The design trends and modern dining tables in 2018 give joy with unexpected colors and combinations of very daring materials.
If the mixture between the serenity of the country style with the high technology of the contemporary or the combination of medieval and classic details you are passionate then 2018 is your year to renovate the dining room. A tasteful dining room design can be done even with a tight budget.
In addition to all the trends, the dining room of 2018 should reflect your personal tastes and individuality. Experiment with audacious lighting. The geometric lamps give an extraordinary look to a contemporary space.
What is sandblasted glass and how is it different from acid etch glass?
Sandblasted and etched glass both use abrasives which create a frosted appearance on the glass.
Sandblasting usually uses a high-speed machine that blasts down on the glass panel with sand, walnut husks or other materials to achieve its look. (It can also be done by hand!) Sandblast glass etching lets you choose the level of glass opaqueness that best fits your needs and is versatile in many ways when it comes to design.
Acid etched glass also offers a wide variety of options, but the appearance is smoother. Etching glass with acid offers more finishes and various degrees of transparency than standard sandblasted glass.
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Sandblasted glass

Pros and cons of sandblasted glass etching and glass acid etching:
As with any product both sandblasted frosted glass and acid frosted glass have their benefits and disadvantages.
  • A pro to sandblasting is that you can are pretty much guaranteed good quality etching and it will be completed within a decent amount of time. Also, designs are readily available and can be more detailed.
  • A con to sandblasting is the glass is more likely to leave fingerprint marks which do require a bit more maintenance when it comes to cleaning.
  • A pro to acid etched glass is that unlike sandblasted glass it is low-maintenance and less likely to leave fingerprint marks.
  • A con to acid etched glass is that it is not readily available due to the fact that the acid used is hazardous and often has to be produced overseas. Acid etching is also limited in custom designs.


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