Why and When to Use Laminated Glass Panels

Laminated glass is a high performance glazing product used frequently in both residential and commercial building projects. The demand for laminated glass over traditional float glass panels continues to soar, particularly in commercial projects. As businesses continue to discover the multitude of benefits of laminated glass, we’ve decided to explain why and when you should use laminated glass panels.
Safe, secure performance under impact is a necessityOne of the most attractive features of laminated glass is its durable performance under impact. Such is the thickness of laminated glass that it will not shatter or collapse under normal body impact. Even when broken, it retains its integrity as the interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded. This prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces and causing serious injury.

Toughened laminated glass is particularly favoured in skylights, balustrades, roof glazing and curtain walls where glass breakage could otherwise result in falling glass.
You require heightened security protectionLaminated glass panels are revered for their anti-theft and anti-vandal properties. Such is the strength of laminated glass that it can help to block intrusion from burglars and vandals. Laminated glass windows and doors are more difficult for intruders to break. Even in the event that the glass is broken, the burglar or vandal still has to contend with the remaining laminated glass interlayer section.
Laminated glass panels can also be designed to offer bulletproof and bombproof protection. Ballistic glass and blast resistant glass panels can be constructed using multiple or thick layers of laminated glass and interlayer sections. They can offer heightened security protection for businesses in areas where urban crime or security threats are rife.

Noise controlLaminated glass has proven to serve as an excellent barrier to noise. It offers a higher sound reduction index than float glass of equal thickness. This noise reduction is due to the “viscoelastic” properties of the interlayer section of laminated safety glass. It is a particularly popular choice for businesses based in the centre of bustling cities who require noise reduction to provide  a comfortable, productive working environment. Companies located near to train stations and airport also favour laminated glass doors and windows.

You don’t want to deter from the visual aesthetic of your property
Laminated glass panels are glazed in a certain way to avoid the distortion caused by “roller waves” found in tempered and heat-strengthened glass. Laminated glazing ensures that the panels can complement rather deter from the visual aesthetic of your property.

You need design versatility
Laminated glass panels can be manufactured flat or curved. They can be annealed, toughened, spandrel, wired,  patterned or tinted to your requirements enabling excellent design versatility. Laminated glass can also be combined with switchable privacy glass, blackout glass and switchable solar control glass to create a stunning visual solution, meet privacy needs and offer even more design freedom.

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