Benefits of Backpainted Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

If you are still thinking if Glass Backsplash is a suitable variant for you - read the benefits of it and make your kitchen attractive and eye-catching!

Easy to clean
Being very sleek and flat, glass backsplash will be easy to clean. Commonly, you only need to wipe the stain or spill, and it will be clean soon.

Limitless color matching
There are many choices for colors for glass backsplashes on market now. You can make sure that yours will be matching to kitchen design, theme, and style. This is a nice thing to have. No matter what your color choice, the glass will stay clear and bright.

If you are afraid that your backsplash can break during the durable heat effect - that no worries. The backsplash which we are offering is made of tempered glass which is 5-7 times stronger than the annealed. If you cook for hours and your glass backsplashes are exposed to heat for the entire time, it will be just fine. It will not change the shape or colors. In addition to it, it keeps you farther from repair and maintenance

It is quite strong and resistant to scratch. So, if you want to have a backsplash that can last for a long time, you should really use glass backsplash. Glass backsplash will make your room prettier and stronger at the same time.

If you still have some questions - just contact us and we’ll help you with your project!


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