Glass Table Tops. How to choose?

Nowadays there are plenty of options for table and table tops as well. A glass table accentuates the surrounding decor shine and makes the carpeting, tile, or hardwood floor pop. Very often homeowners want to protect their tables from damages and are using glass table tops.
At Glass Table Tops NYC we are offering custom cut glass table tops. There are no reasons to worry that the glass won’t fit, as it is custom made to order. Using professional cutting machines, we can provide you with the glass of any shape and edge finish.
For Glass Table Tops we highly recommend to go with tempered (safety) glass. This type of glass is stronger than traditional glass. In the event of breaking, tempered glass crumbles into dull cubes instead of sharp, jagged pieces.
Glass Table Top
Glass table tops can be sparkling or smoky, beveled or seamed, round, or rectangular. Usually, we offer to choose flat polished smooth edges instead of sharp.
If your table is an old piece of driftwood with exquisite colors then you might consider using a low iron content “extra clear” piece of ¼” thick tempered glass, basically, this glass is completely clear and does not have the green tinge that standard glass has.
Glass table top protectors are usually placed straight onto the table or desk but you can also use “bump ons” these are small clear rubber domes with adhesive on one side that stop the glass sliding around.

If you have any questions on the glass for tables or anything to do with glass, get in touch by calling or emailing us!


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